Handmade Magical Necklaces

Tagua Necklases

Handmade Tagua Necklaces

The necklaces are part of a collection that has variety of geometrical shapes. Each shape that becomes part of the necklace is chosen according to the colors that we want to match, length and materials that we use.

Some of them remain with the natural texture original from the raw material, others are plain polished and dyed but remain with a wavy texture that is only seen when the tagua is dyed.

What we are about

We are a company that works together with the community to create designs in an ethical way with the environment, that’s why we use natural materials such as Tagua, Bamboo, Coconut.

We create collections or season designs for women, our latest collection of earrings has a variety of sizes and colors. From time to time we develop some unisex designs.