What I do

We elaborate jewelry mainly for women, there are selected pieces for men; we encourage the use of natural materials. Our main material is Tagua, we buy the nuts from the community harvesters to start the treatment of this vegetable ivory. This material is very friendly and noble, has the strength needed and you can have it at its nature or dye in any color of your preference.

How I do it

We have an alliance with workers from the community to help us shape and obtain the pieces required by every collection. We treat each piece by hand and the finished products have different results making each piece unique.

Tagua has the property of being heterogeneous, this is the reason that when you elaborate a piece you can’t find the exact same one even if you made all of them with the same technique and shape.

Where I live

We are located in South America, where the equatorial line comes across. Ecuador is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world, it has variety of species, plants.

In the tropical and humid mountains of Ecuador there is a unique plant called Tagua or Ivory Vegetable, similar in shape to the palms. Its scientific name is «Phytelephas aequatorialis». Etymologically Phytelephas comes from the Greek «Phyton» = «plant» and «Elephas» = «ivory», that is, plant ivory or vegetable ivory.


Happy Clients


Hours of Work


Finished products


Completed Projects

Complete sets

The sets have diversity of shapes and colors. You can mix with any material you can think of, in some cases we mix them with bamboo beads and some metal accessories.

Earring collections

There’s a huge amount of models, each season it might surprise you with a new version with several colors or we can surprise you with some new shapes in different sizes.